AnalyticStash – organizes industry based workshops for working professionals as well as Students who wants to have an understanding on few topics related to Business Intelligence & Business Analytics to their own pace in a shorter duration.

These very successful workshops have had widespread impact on the Business Intelligence & Business Analytics Technology community. Recently, we are beginning to experiment with broadening their reach to adjacent research communities.

Each workshop team spends 2 days (Weekend – Sat & Sun) together at AnalyticStash, working in close proximity on some challenge problem or promising solution technique that has not yet been well studied. Many teams have had a lasting influence on subsequent research and practice through the publications, software, and data that they produce. For many workshop participants, the biggest benefit is the interaction with other participants, seeding new and lasting interactions.

The workshops also contribute to the pool of trained specialists in the fields of Business Intelligence and Business Analytics by providing immersive training to corporate professionals and students, allowing participants from different backgrounds to learn from one another, and educating all workshop participants through guest lectures and research updates. These programs are handled by experienced consultants working in industry and are conducted live [Physical and Online].

Workshops at AnalyticStash include:

Essential Statistics for Business Analytics 16 Hours 8000.00
SQL & MACROS using SAS Language 16 Hours 8000.00
Introduction to SPSS 16 Hours 8000.00
Clinical Analytics & Reporting 12 Hours 8000.00
Retail Analytics & Reporting 12 Hours 8000.00
Financial Analytics & Reporting 12 Hours 8000.00
Data Warehousing & SQL 16 Hours 8000.00
Advanced Excel 16 Hours 6000.00
Excel – VBA 16 Hours 8000.00
Introduction to R – Language for Analytics 12 Hours 8000.00
Introduction to Hadoop & Big Data Analytics 12 Hours 8000.00
Text Mining using R 12 Hours 8000.00
Introductionto Python for Analytics 12 Hours 8000.00
Introduction to Analytics using Hadoop 12 Hours 8000.00

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