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Excellent job and very timely completion of the project I outlined. The company was in daily contact with me regarding progress. I am very satisfied and will use them again.
SauravSarkar, Intellisoft Group
The company has delivered a pretty impressive report that is complete, organized and well structured. I'm looking forward to re-hire them in the near future.
SreedharKapu, Capgemini
"A very impressive and interactive programme which, if the action points identified are implemented, will derive considerable benefit to Report Generation. Thanks, Subhash – superb!"
Arun Patel, Zydus
At this point, however, I want to let you know that I am very satisfied with the work of you and your excellent team, and I wish to declare this project complete in terms of your efforts. Please extend my deepest thanks and congratulations to your team. Their fine work is very much appreciated.
Krishna Prasad, 3G

Students Testimonials

Great Job in Teaching!!!
I wanted to thank AnalyticStash again for the course. I think you did a great job in teaching us; I know how hard it is to teach a group, give everybody the feeling you are giving them your full attention and at the same time stay focused on the most important things and make sure the 'group' advances in the material. You succeeded very well in this challenge!
Ramesh Choudhary, Genpact India
"This workshop was interactive and practical. The modest investment in time and money produced numerous low cost, practical ideas for building the brand of any business, large or small. Accordingly, I enthusiastically recommend this workshop to aspiring Analysts everywhere!"
AnkitTayal, Inductis India
"Your training program was very helpful to me and my team. My skills have indeed excelled. Being able to represent myself with the information I have learned from your program has made me a better problem solver, better in handling objections and has made me surpass our competition in overall professionalism..."
Anirudh, HCL India
Excellent Practical Instruction
The example problems were challenging/probing and particularly suited to the types of analysis we are expected to conduct in our work. Excellent practical instruction, built on strong statistical theory.
Farhan, Oracle India

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