Analytics Expert Specialization

Business Analytics (BA) - refers to the skills,technologies, applications and practicesfor continuous iterative exploration and investigation of past business performance togain insight and drive business planning.

Business Analytics focuses on developing new insights and understanding of businessperformance based on data and statisticalmethods.

Analytics Expert Specialization includes expertise in the following areas:

Basic Tools: Advanced Excel Concepts
Statistical Tools: SAS / R
Functional Concepts:
  • Introduction to Data
  • Exploratory data Analysis (EDA)
  • Descriptive Statistics of the variables
  • Introduction to Probability and Theoretical Distributions
  • Introduction to Sampling and Sampling Distribution
  • Problem of Estimation and Testing of Hypothesis
  • t-Tests , Chi square Tests and Analysis of Variance
  • Correlation and Linear Regression
  • Categorical data analysis and Logistic Regression
  • Segmentation techniques: Cluster Analysis
  • Factor Analysis
  • Introduction to Time Series Analysis
  • Introduction to Text Mining Analysis
Advanced Technology Concepts:
  • What is a Database – SQL & NoSQL
  • ETL & Reporting Tools - Applications
  • Introduction to Big Data & Hadoop Ecosystem
  • Machine Learning concepts

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