Data Analytics for Programmers

Data Analytics is the subset of Business Intelligence, based on Statistics, Predictions & Optimization of Data.

The Data Analytics for Programmers using SAS / R / SPSS as a tool has been designed by Industry working experts who have practical knowledge on implementing solutions to various business problems across various domains like Retail, Finance, Clinical, and Web based etc. using these tools. Practical scenarios are explained.

The program helps the participant to understand strong programming and reasoning skills using Business Statistics and Analytical Skills along with Analytical Tools. The objective of the program is to make a participant understand the use of statistical tools towards a Problem in Business, Explore and Analyze the Problem and find a technical solution to the problem identified.

SAS is a widely accepted tool across various domains in the market. Using SAS, one can understand how to retrieve data from external files and Databases – How to transform the data as per the requirement – Analyze the Data and finally generate Reports.Understanding these reports with numbers play a key role for an Analyst.

The R programming language is very easy to understand and it is widely used among statisticians. The R language supports vectors, variables, functions, expressions, linear and non-linear modelingand much more. R Tool is an open source system.

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