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Our alumni work for the best companies in the IT industry. We are creating this section to enable the alumni to interact with their batch mates, display their achievements and constantly be in touch with us. We welcome your suggestions on what all you would like to see in this section. Do send your views to info@analyticstash.com

AnalyticStash has big alumni. Nearly one-quarters of all AnalyticStash alumnae have been fresher’s, just graduated compared to less than two-quarters of all alumni of working experience below 3 years. Though more than 12% come from Analytics background, a large percentage pursues Analytics Programs outside of the regular graduation. As of December 2011, 67% of all alumnae got into Business Intelligence & Business Analytics and 30% of all AnalyticStash alumni got back into their core domains.

67% of AnalyticStash alumnae are known to have joined in top MNC’s like HP, GENPACT, UNISYS, TCS, HSBC and ACCENTURE etc...

Occupational choices vary significantly among participants. Nearly one-quarter of all AnalyticStash alumnae got into Retail Analytics, compared to just 18% of all joining Financial Analytics. Many also more likely joined to work in Clinical Analytics – related professions. And a few in other Research Analytics Firms.

As a result of their program participation, our alumni return to their companies and their jobs with a broader vision of success, and equipped to make the tough decisions required of leaders in today’s global economy. They have expanded their business repertoire to include new concepts, approaches, and practices, and have sharpened their Analytical skills through action learning, strong methodologies, and executive coaching. The roster of Business Analytics program participants includes key managers and executives from some of the most prominent corporations and businesses in the world.

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